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The building form is a direct result of the triangular lot and the desire to create an introverted house in a suburban setting. An atrium in the core of the house splits the building naturally into two apartments for a mother and her adult daughter who wanted some shared communal space but also independent living areas. The two apartments orient themselves internally towards a central atrium light well and through extensive glazing towards the view west and surrounding hills. The roof shape is driven by planning regulations that require a gabled roof - the roof is double-gabled both from the street view and inwards towards the atrium to allow for more low-angled Nordic light to enter the space. To align with the clients desire for sustainability, the building has geothermal heat, recycled cellulose insulation, and is clad in kebony - a sustainably impregnated pine that will naturally silver over time.


Auste Cijunelyte, Tom Erdman, Thomas Olsen, Casper Mork-Ulnes