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15th St

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Incorporating expansive, generous space into this 1907 San Francisco Victorian’s attic required significant volumetric intervention to produce continuity in an otherwise traditionally segmented home. The gabled attic level is lightly divided into bedrooms by a series of incomplete partition walls. Around the solid walls, a wood and glass framework completes the delineation of space, acoustically sealing-off the separate rooms. The open framework allows total visibility across the house’s length, creating spaciousness within this tight plan. A double-height void is cut into the center of the plan for a new stair atrium that operates as the organizational and spatial hub of the house, linking the newly habitable attic to the existing living level. Where the atrium bisects the attic level, the attic’s wood framework becomes a graphic echo of the original roofline within the new building shell. The framework language carries throughout the house in the elemental, wood casework details at the windows, kitchen and guardrail, connecting the new level and the old.


Alicia Hergenroeder, Greg Ladigin, Lexie Mork Ulnes, Casper Mork Ulnes, Phi Van Phan, Erling Berg, Ines Tazi, Monika Lipinska


Bruce Damonte Photography


Completed, 2017.

Official Selection 2018 AIASF Home Tours & Exhibition

San Francisco Magazine Feature