Ski Square

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Ski Square

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Ski Square is a proposed pavilion and landscape strategy to reinvigorate an under-used public square in Ski, Norway. Ski is the fastest growing city in Norway but that growth has led activity away from the historic city center. Ski Square is a new focal point in the old city to create a human-scaled structure that supports gathering and events. A landscape auditorium is used for outdoor speaking and music events, and when not in use it can be converted easily to a water feature or a skating rink in the winter. Grassy field for games, picnic tables, and fire pits support smaller gatherings. The pavilion also provides shade, wind-protection, and rain-protection while also housing a cafe, bike repair station, covered bike parking, and an open air art gallery. Location Ski, Norway Gross Floor Area 50,000 ft2


Erling Berg, Alicia Hergenroeder, Casper Mork-Ulnes, Phi Van Phan, Anna Molodij


Renderings by Mork Ulnes Architects


Competition, Prize Winner / Runner Up