Secret Project

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Secret Project

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The *Center for Rapid Ingenuity is a temporary structure for Secret Project, a new educational program at the California College of the Arts. The new facility is intended to be economical, highly functional yet flexible structure; and, given its temporary nature, the parts need to be fully recyclable or re-sellable.

It’s loose configuration and deployment of standard industrial elements (scaffolding and shipping containers) culminates in a series of unconventional yet utilitarian workshop spaces. The quadruple-height volume wrapped in an up-lighted scrim skin brings a luminous, temporal, and iconic quality to the open forum on a barren site – a former Greyhound Bus parking lot behind the main campus building. The structure creates an identity for the new program, forming a strong and vibrant Center and drawing students at both a regional and national level.

The former parking lot is now programmed with shipping containers to host different uses. Secret Project features workshops areas, pin-up spaces, auditorium with a stage and a variety of hangout spots.

Secret Project is an immersive class allowing all students from California College of the Arts to engage real world challenges in partnership with clients, organizations and companies in the Bay Area. Its first class launches in Fall 2015.


Alicia Hergenroeder, Gygoriy Ladigin, Casper Mork Ulnes, Kyle Anderson


Mork Ulnes Architects


Unbuilt, 2014-2015.