Pratt Rd

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Pratt Rd

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This home is located on a steeply sloping hillside overlooking a mountain meadow and the Grand Teton Mountain Range in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The house is sited to follow the contours of the site, optimize solar exposure and capture views.

A vernacular alpine roof form is shifted to allow a slit of sunlight to wash the interior and view of the aspen grove above. A hallway below the clerestory windows opens and contracts to connect public and private areas. The expansive window wall facing the meadow allows for sweeping views of the Grand Teton’s. A terrace nestled into the hillside to the rear basks in morning sunlight.


Grygoriy Ladigin, Casper Mork-Ulnes, Sam Spetner.


Bruce Damonte Photography


Completed, 2010.