Forest Retreat

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Forest Retreat

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The Tahoe Forest Retreat differentiates itself from other regional ski resorts through its insistence on preserving and celebrating its lush and serene site. This year-round, alpine community maximizes preservation of current tree coverage and terrain by relegating cars to the periphery and clustering houses together in existing clearings. The compact, elevated homes are situated within the site to allow each unit privacy and dedicated view corridors. A trail loop forms the primary means of navigating the community. It meanders around and through the community, linking secluded pockets of homes together and inscribing a large swath of untouched forest at the center of the site.


Alicia Hergenroeder, Erling Berg, Casper Mork Ulnes, Greg Ladigin, Monika Lipinska


Mork Ulnes Architects


Ongoing, 2015–present.